You see correct results immediately

Odase ontology dramatically reduces cash expenditure in a development project

Odase ontologies are directly executable.

The system instantly delivers results and can be amended on the fly.

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Unique feature

Turn your ontology immediately into executable code and validate the accuracy of your results before you invest money into a long and expensive development process

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Accessible Success

Success is in rapid and tangible results. You will be able to deliver fast and accurate results to your business teams because the logic is executed on the fly prior building user interface and data persistence

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Easy to use

Using logic and robots you reduce the need for hand-written code by more than 90%.

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce time & risks
  • Increase flexibility & quality dramatically
  • Offer an explicit warranty on the code


Breakthrough Technological Edge

Odase robots automatically generate APIs based on the logic defined in the ontology. Odase will transparently supply the rule execution and reasoning needed.

Intelligible Options

Odase ontology provides simple and clear logic in readable language. It is easy to understand and modify.

Present-day technology

The OWLSWRLRDF business model defines what the application is doing. The Odase code generator generates APIs that are ready to integrate with the enterprise software.

High performance

The ODASE™ platform is a simple and elegant architecture. It consists of a number of interchangeable components for reasoning, rule execution and data storage.

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