WE ARE HIRING a Lead Software Engineer & Ontologist

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ODASE Ontologies is a young software company based in Brussels (Belgium). We make ODASE, the leading ontology-centric platform which revolutionizes the way mission-critical applications and systems integration are designed, built, tested and deployed. ODASE, used by tier-1 customers, is gaining excellent traction on the market.

With ODASE, ontologies (OWL, RDF), extended with logic-based business rules (SWRL), define the business problem fully, in the language of the business. Based on formal logics, these ontologies can be tested and debugged declaratively, during the very early phase of the software development life cycle. These ontologies then become the core of the system in production.

ODASE uses advanced software technologies such as parallel reasoning, declarative debugging, logic programming, and abstract interpretation.

The Job Description

As Lead Software Engineer & Ontologist, you will architect and develop the full stack of ontology-centric software: ontologies (OWL, RDF, SWRL), high performance reasoning engines, REST and JSON-LD service oriented architecture, ontology-driven UI and semantic middleware to integrate with legacy environments. You will also formalize business specifications applications – in many different business domains – by creating ontologies (and you will turn these ontologies into high performance implementations.

 The Profile

You know that mastering the duality of software complexity – complexity of the problems and complexity of the technology – will only be possible by means of a very rigorous and disciplined intellectual penetration of the problem domain, relying on powerful general tools for knowledge representation and manipulation. But you also know that these tools must integrate perfectly with the current procedural environment to deliver the benefits expected by the market.

You have a solid background in computer sciences and have a Master or PhD degree. You have already gained experience in software development using the Java and/or the .NET stacks. Preferably, you have experience with functional (Erlang, Haskell, Scala…) and/or logic programming languages (Prolog, Mercury, Datalog…) as well as with knowledge representation and/or semantic web technologies.

You have a perfect command of English, French and, ideally, a 3rd language. 

The Offer

We offer you the perfect place to bring your passion for complex technological challenges into play and learn new skills in a family-minded, cutting-edge and very dynamic atmosphere.

You will be given the opportunity to work on challenging assignments and develop your potentials through very innovative projects. Moreover your evolution will be monitored closely and you will be encouraged to attend training courses and conferences to broaden your knowledge and realize yourself.

You can also count on an open culture based on mutual trust and a respectful work/life balance – including flexible working hours and a teleworking policy – as well as a fair salary package and fringe benefits.


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Odase Ontologies is a proud member of SlashKernel, a group created and run by Software Engineers that is founded on the prioritization of unconventional approaches, supporting new ideas and maintaining work-life balance while also remaining focused on fun and authenticity.