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How it works - Odase Ontologies

How it works

ODASE ontology offers a new way to build and run flexible, reliable and high-quality mission-critical enterprise software.

Enterprise software is still largely being built empirically, essentially by writing code manually. But, as applications grow in complexity, software projects have become costlier, slower, and riddled with more bugs, increasing the gap between Business and IT.

Nowadays, nobody builds bridges, cars, airplanes… empirically: thanks to science, they are modelled and computed before they are built, and robots are used to automate a large part of the construction.

This is exactly what we do for enterprise software: We model the problem (describing in logic the business concepts, rules and processes), turn that model into a mainstream programming language automatically (e.g. in Java or C#), and have software engineers add the remaining code resulting in a running, scalable application which can target different architectures (e.g. SOA) and platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows, the “cloud”, etc).

Using logicrobots and having to write much less code manually (our experience is that we reduce the need for hand-written code by more than 90%), we reduce cost, time and risks, and we increase flexibility and quality dramatically. We are also able to do something that is unheard of: to offer an explicit warranty on the code.