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Publications - Odase Ontologies


The following papers contain more information about our tools and general approach to developing software.

Extended SWRL for commercial-scale ontology-centric applications
Michel Vanden Bossche, Maxime Van Assche, Carlos Noguera

Semantic web technologies allow a clear separation between the Business ‘what’ and the IT ‘how’. This is only achieved by using SWRL in addition to OWL and RDF, thereby formalizing the business logic declaratively. SWRL needs to be extended with existentials, aggregates and NAF to tackle real-world problems. This extended SWRL must leverage a syntax which is easily understood by business experts. High-performance reasoners exploiting parallelism are required to deliver a high speed of execution. By using these principles, a true continuum is established between the logic-based business specification and the technical construction relying on imperative languages used by all. This is achieved by the ontology-centric platform ODASE™, as proven by realworld applications in production. Read our whitepaper.

The Logic of Insurance: an Ontology-Centric Pricing Application
Ludovic Langevine, Paul Bone

Declarative workflows to efficiently manage flexible and advanced business processes
Romain Demeyer, Maxime Van Assche, Ludovic Langevine, Wim Vanhoof
PPDP 2010 Proceedings of the 12th international ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Principles and practice of declarative programming

Using SWRL for Rule-Driven Applications
Ian MacLarty, Ludovic Langevine, Michel Vanden Bossche, Peter Ross

Ontology Driven Software Engineering for Real Life Applications
Michel Vanden Bossche, Peter Ross, Ian MacLarty, Bert Van Nuffelen, Nikolay Pelov